Ginga Associação de Capoeira was founded in 1972 in Bahia, Brazil by Mestre Itapoan - a preeminent student of Mestre Bimba - and was brought to the United States Mestre Kiki da Bahia in 1996.

Ginga Associação de Capoeira

Ginga Associação de Capoeira was founded in 1972 by Mestre Itapoan, Raimundo Cesar Alves de Almeida, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. As a student of the revered Mestre Bimba, Mestre Itapoan has become the preeminent authority on Capoeira Regional and the history of Capoeira because of his life-time devotion to its study and practice. Under his continued guidance, Ginga Associação de Capoeira has preserved and followed Mestre Bimba's teachings for over thirty years.

Ginga Associação de Capoeira was brought to the United States in 1996 by Mestre Kiki da Bahia.  Since his arrival, Mestre Kiki da Bahia has become the chief representative of Capoeira Regional in the United States. 



Mestre Itapoan

Reimundo Cesar Alves de Almeida has been a key player in the success of Capoeira worldwide. He is also one of the most ferocious defenders of its traditions. Under his direction Ginga Associação de Capoeira continues to be one of the most authentic schools of capoeira in the world for over fifty years.

Mestre Itapoan was born august 13, 1947 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. On September 22, 1964 he began learning Capoeira Regional from Mestre Bimba and remains his deciple to this day.  In 1972, Mestre Itapoan founded the Ginga Associação de Capoeira. He is also the founder of the Associação Brasileira dos Professores de Capoeira (ABPC)  (Association of Brazilian Teachers of Capoeira) and the Federação Bahiana de Capoeira (Bahian Federation of Capoeira). In 1990, he was awarded the national sports medal of honor from the Brazilian ministry of education.





Mestre Kiki da Bahia

A native of Brazil, Mestre Kiki da Bahia takes his name from the region where he was born - Bahia: the soul of Brazil and the birthplace of Capoeira.

Founder of Ginga Associação de Capoeira USA, Mestre Kiki da Bahia is the protégé to one of the most important figures in Capoeira, Mestre Itapoan, a walking vessel of its immense culture and knowledge, who for over thirty years, has dedicated his life to the study and advancement of Capoeira. 

Mestre Kiki da Bahia began studying with his father and  uncle at the age of 8 before formally training with Mestre Itapoan as a teenager. Mestre Kiki's father, Mestre Nenei, studied Capoeira under Mestre Salario Minimo, who was also a student of Mestre Bimba.

Along with teaching Capoeira, Mestre Kiki da Bahia is also a singer and master percussionist representing Brazil's rich heritage performing with bands worldwide.




While many groups have their own cord or belt systems (called, a sistema de cordãos). Ginga Associção de Capoeira follows the cord system set forth by the Associação Brasileiro de Professores da Capoeira (A.B.P.C). And though it is common in some groups to give natural colored belts or "cordão crua" to beginners, we do not. At Ginga Capoeira you must earn your first belt at your first belt ceremony or "batizado". Each belt progression requires a certain amount of time committed to your training, and the passing of an exam.