Ginga Capoeira USA has conducted workshops and performances internationally and nationally for various organizations, businesses, schools, universities, individuals, festivals, camps and retreats. 

Below is a list of workshops, performances, and private classes we offer: 

  • Community and Team Building with Capoeira ~ Commonly requested by businesses and corporations looking to build and strengthen inter-corporate relationships, this workshop utilizes the games and exercises of Capoeira that demand the building of partnership, trust, respect, and communication.

  • Introduction to Capoeira: The Elements of the Movement Language ~ This workshop serves as a comprehensive physical and/or intellectual introduction into Capoeira utilizing unique games, exercises, and stories accessible to all.

  • Personal Training ~ Commonly requested by individuals looking for a fun and practical alternative to traditional workouts. Our personal training utilizes a variety of movements from Capoeira, MMA, Yoga, and natural human locomotion and is catered to your needs and objectives.

  • Capoeira Movement ~ This workshop utilizes only the workouts and movements of Capoeira in a strictly non-combative setting for aerobic and physical training purposes.

  • The Regional Roda ~ Commonly requested by those already familiar with Capoeira, this workshop or performance teaches and/or demonstrates the heritage, conventions and ways of traditional Capoeira Regional as taught by Mestre Bimba.

  • Samba de Roda ~ This workshop or performance teaches and/or demonstrates the style of samba known as, "Samba de Roda."

  • Maculelê ~ This workshop or performance teaches and/or demonstrates the Afro-Brazilian warrior ritual (Maculelê) that embodies the history of the enslaved Africans cutting sugar cane through performance.

  • Berimbau Making ~ This workshop teaches how to make a berimbau (materials must be provided by client)

If you are interested in a workshop, demonstration or private class outside of the above list, please contact us and we will be happy to cater any event to your unique needs.