Ginga Capoeira Regional | Brazilian Martial Arts

Ginga Associação de Capoeira USA is a martial arts school teaching self defense to adults and kids. Led by Mestre Kiki da Bahia, Ginga Capoeira USA offers a unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern day street smarts. Classes in NYC, Long Island, and Danbury, CT.


Ginga Capoeira USA

GINGA CAPOEIRA USA (aka Ginga Associação de Capoeira USA) is a school of Capoeira Regional led by Mestre Kiki da Bahia guaranteed to challenge and transform your physical and mental limits through unique movements, exercises and self-defense training. 

Our personalized and holistic method of training leaves students with an authentic understanding of Capoeira not only as a martial art, but as a complex and trans-formative Afro-Brazilian culture.

GINGA CAPOEIRA USA offers classes for children and adults

New York City, NY - Jersey City, NJ - Grand Rapids, MI - Kent, CT